Castles,Ruins,Churches of Krakow and region. The origin of Krakow dates back to early Middle Ages Two prehistoric mounds commemorating two legendary rulers, Krakus and his daughter Wanda, seem to bear witnes to the ancient origin of the town. Our first deskription of Krakow comes in the year 965 from a merchant from Cordoba, Ibrahim iban-Jakub. Krakow have witnessed the batismal of Prince Mieszko I. In the year 1000 a bishopric was established in Krakow; this time also marks the erection of the first Romanesque structures on Wawel Hill.
Castle Olkusz Ruins Rabsztyn Olkusz
Press on the photos to enlarge Wawel Cathedral Wawel Cathedral Ulica Kanonicza Maly Rynek Maly Rynek Kosciul Mariacki

Town Hall The main Market Square Wawel Castle Krakow at NightThe Main Marcet Square Cab’s on The Main Marcet Square Krakowiak Great Site


Krakow Photos

Salt Mine

Since the mid-eleventh century the Wawel Castles has been the main seat of Polish rules,and in the same century, under the reign of King Casmir the Restorer, Krakow became the capital of a wide-spread country, and served as such until the end of the sixteenth century, that is to the decline of the Polish State.
Royal castle Niepolomice a copy of royal castle Wawel Niepolomice  Go to Ojcow Ruins
Zamek Krolewski WAWEL Royal Castle WAWEL  Ruins
Barbakan The Barbakan of Krakow is a gateway to the old town.
Royal Castle Wawel, main seat of Polish rulers since the mid-eleventh century. The Renaissance courtyard of the Castle, the outer courtyard, and a general view of the Wawel.
Wawel Wawel Wawel
The Renaissance courtyard of the Royal Castle Courtyard
Renaissance style courtyard. It was built to reflect the glory of Sigmund the Elder in the 16th Century. Fragments of frescoes are still visible on the walls.
Courtyard Wawel Wawel Wawel Wawel
Teatr Slowackiego
Slowacki Theater. Baroque-style theater built in 1892.
Slowacki Theater Little Market Square
Maly Rynek Maly Rynek Cabs of Krakow Cab of Krakow
Kanonicza Street
Ulice Krakowa
Grodzka Street
Streets of Krakow Barbakan Barbakan and Florin Gate in the background
Streets of Krakow press on thumbnails to inlarge Travel by cab Florianska Krakow Main Entrance to the Krakow Wenglowa Street Papieska Academia Teologiczna Pijarska Street Poselska Street Kanonicza Street Grodzka Street
Kosciul Mariacki Ratusz
A view towards ST. Maris Church from the Cloth-Hall, and the tower of the former Town Hall Ratusz Ratusz i Sukiennice
Rynek Glowny
The Main Market Square and the Renaissance Cloth-Hall RMary’s Church Town HallThe Main Marcet SquareThe Main Marcet SquareThe Main Marcet SquareThe Main Marcet SquareThe Main Marcet Square
Rynek Glowny

Cloth-Hall probably the oldest shopping mall in the world, it has been in business for over 700 years. The Cloth-Hall was extended in the second half of the 14th century. To create the Gothic structure 108 meter long and eight meter wide. Cloth-Hall

Nowa Huta was started in 1949 as a separate town near Krakow on terrain villages of Mogila, Pleszow and Krzeslawice. In 1951 it was joined with Krakow. Nowa Huta recently became one of the top tourist destinations in Krakow as a post-communist district with very typical post war architecture.

Central Square

Central Square Gate of ”central B Estate”  ”Central B Estate”
”Central A Estate” ”Central D Estate” Swiat Dziecka ”Stylowa” ”Central B”
The Main Marcet Square ”OS Oswiecenia” Estate Central Runabout ”OS Oswiecenia” Estate ”Teatralna” ”Zalew” Park Ratuszowy

Central Runabout (Aleja Roz) located between ”Central B” and ”Central C” Estates. Central Runabout   ”Central B” Estates. View from the Central Square View from the Central Square
Press on Photos to enlarge Krakow at night
Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Krakow at Night Lajkonik
Find Kosmic  Niepolomice  Ruins

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